An Un-burritoble Loss: La Pasadita (East Side)

I’ve written a lot about my neighborhood and the institutions that serve it.  I work with all sorts of neighborhood denizens in my activities in real estate and as a local musician.  I have never, ever received a response about the closing/changing of a local business as strong as the ones I’ve gotten about the closing of the finest burrito joint anywhere (even Nate Silver agrees).  Right at the beginning of the new year, the sign came down and we started to wonder if they were just remodeling or changing up the exterior.  Then the news started to come in.

Their rent went up $1,000 a month.  The sign went back up…at a place across the street.  The fun imagining the luxury used cars next door that would be sold with a distinctive burrito scent gone forever.  I started getting daily texts and emails asking “What happened to La Pasadita?”  That $1,000 seems excessive, right?  I mean, look at this place:

The La Pasadita grill has stopped and my cholesterol has dropped.

The Ashland east side La Pasadita grill has stopped and my cholesterol has dropped.

That’s the entire front.  The side’s not much bigger.  So, here is my first-ever posthumous review of a much-beloved neighborhood institution (in the present tense, because it’s hard to let go).

“La Pasadita does what it does simply and incredibly well.  Tacos or burritos with steamed beef, lengua, steak or chile relleno.  That’s it.  A steak burrito is basically all steak, grilled just right to have some char but still be juicy with a little bit of onion and cilantro (cheese and sour cream could be added).  You get a little side of pretty awesome salsa verde, too.  It’s awesome.  The tacos are awesome, too.  The main difference is that the tacos come in corn tortillas, and the burritos in flour.  That’s your big choice to make when eating here.

So, the most obvious advantage to this place is late at night.  It’s at a busy crossroads (Division and Ashland), stays open late and ordering isn’t difficult given that there are only a couple choices.  Plus, everything is really darn good.”

Rest in peace my old, heart-clogging friend.  You will be dearly missed.  I only hope that one day you will find another nearby location, with more reasonable rents, and come back to defend your title in all future burrito brackets.


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I am a real estate agent and investor in Chicago. I also explore everything that Chicago has to offer.
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