An Aside: Conference Realignment and Economic Stagnation

As the parallels between the socio-psychological currents stagnating the American economy and the paranoia-fueled activity of BCS Conference Realignment get eerily more similar by the day, we are compelled to take a step back to examine the philosophical inconsistencies in our American society.  Greatness, in the storied history of the American economy and her universities, has been fueled by innovative minds whose independence and talent transcended the status quo and forced positive change aided by a framework of libertarianism.

Greed is the new manifesto, and not the kind of “greed” that makes an entrepreneur disrupt an entire industry standard.  Instead, we have the greed that is fueled by special interest egos who are trying to protect what they currently have at the expense of long-term vision and the general good.  Examination of Texas A&Ms desire to move to the SEC is analogous to the disconnect between our nation’s view of our health system(A&M thinking they are on a level with Texas and/or SEC football), it’s relatively low achievement in the developed world(essentially a 0.500 team in its Big 12 time) , and it’s relatively high cost (A&M will be giving up exit fees to join a league with, more or less, capped earnings for its members).  Socialism is defining arguably the most quintessentially American institution as the one conference that dares have its members get rewarded largely based on their own merit is disintegrating while the other conferences based on equal pay survive.

Supporters of Texas A&M have traditionally been regarded as free-market libertarians in philosophy.  Unfortunately, they are proving to be just like politicians and citizens that are causing the sorry current state of affairs, and giving up on the opportunity to find their own unique paths and define their own sense of self worth just to keep up with the Joneses (this is exactly how financial bubbles and credit card debt are born).  Character is born of knowing thyself, following the righteous path, and not allowing envy to cloud one’s judgment.

Kudos and thanks to anyone who read this entire post, and I am sorry for just now mentioning that the real message is contained in the first letter of each sentence.


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3 Responses to An Aside: Conference Realignment and Economic Stagnation

  1. Interesting take. But sometimes it’s not about not knowing that your not on some one else’s level, knowing it is one thing. But when some one else tells you your not on their level, and that you need to accept it, remain in their shadow, and just be happy with the scraps your being throw. Well, that’s a little hard to take.

    Texas A&M wasn’t alone in this thinking. Remember, Nebraska and Colorado also left the Big 12, and it wasn’t just about money, all of these schools make millions of dollars, even the bottom feeders.

    It’s about one school being given special treatment by the conference over the others, and the conference isn’t even trying to hide it, it’s blatant. Why sit back and take that? It’s a slap in the face. Oh no, it’s not about money, in this case it’s about pride.

  2. Paul says:

    I don’t want to know how long that took. Kudos.

    • dollardnsense says:

      Not as long as you might think. The wording still makes me cringe a little. I’m going to edit it when I have some time.

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