You Might Have to Earmuff It While Drinking Your Coffee in WPB: Cussing Cozies

Actually, it might be eyemuff?!?!  Wicker Park/Bucktown has a thriving art scene and some signs of a stronger-than-expected economy, and we here at DNS like to see those worlds collide in a new way.  One of the ways this can happen is when a new product does well at one of the many craft fairs or boutique stores in the area.

The Renegade Craft Fair happened last weekend and there was at least one product that did really well: the cussing cozy.  (Warning: if you go to the website, they do not pull punches).  To me, this is an example of a product that fits a particular neighborhood.  WPB is littered with coffee places.  The only place where you can find the venerable Stumptown coffee is in WPB (a coffee blog post is on the way after a little more research).   WPB is also known for style- and eco-conscious people, so a reusable cozy with a little attitude feels right at home.

If you have an idea for a cozy that you would like to see, but it’s not on the website give them a suggestion.  I talked to the inventor and I think she would be open to putting a good idea into production.


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I am a real estate agent and investor in Chicago. I also explore everything that Chicago has to offer.
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