Bad Puns and Great Buildings: Wicker Park-itecture

One of the great attributes of Wicker Park and Bucktown is the wide range of architecture in both neighborhoods.  This is going to be the first in a line of pictures and descriptions of some interesting buildings that dot the landscape.  This post will concentrate on the commercial buildings in Wicker Park.  Here we go:

This is now the fanciest CVS ever, and it has The Bedford in the basement (which is worth visiting just to see the "Vault Lounge"). Notice the Contrast between the Bank and the Attached Condo to the Left.

There is a significant selection of modern buildings in Wicker Park (and Older Buildings Right Next Door).

A Westward View of Division Street

A Historic Landmark: One of Three Original Schlitz Houses Still Standing in Chicago

Nice Diversity in Architecture for Neighboring Buildings

Creative Changes to Store Fronts to Reflect the Businesses they House (Full Disclosure: I Really Like Small Bar)

Classic Old-School Chicago Corner Store (There's Pretty Good Coffee Here)

A View to the Northwest up Milwaukee (A Terrific Street for Shopping, Dining, etc.)

The Flat Iron Arts Building (First Friday's are Here as well as Artist Studios and Plays)

Classic Chicago: Fitting Businesses In and Around the El Tracks

Yeah, There are Even a Few Generic Strip Malls...

The Palm Terrace: I'm Totally Hoping Someone Turns this Into a "Mad Men" Inspired Lounge. Can We Start a Petition, Please?

Wicker Park is not a huge neighborhood, but this is just a small sample of the diverse architecture in the borders!


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2 Responses to Bad Puns and Great Buildings: Wicker Park-itecture

  1. Kelly says:

    Cool post Mark! Any significant/historical houses in Wicker Park?

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